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  • 2017.01.14

We would like to express our thanks for your interest in Cosmo Darts.
We are pleased to announce the upcoming release of the new products and they are listed as follows:


Eri Nishida signature darts
Length:34.0mm / Max Dia:7.4mm / Weight:16.5g
The length of this barrel is 34.0mm and if you are looking for a short barrel, we highly recommend you to try this.

百花繚乱 Hyakka-Ryouran

Natsumi Iwasa signature darts
Length:42.0mm / Max Dia:7.4mm / Weight:17.5g
The barrel is slightly tapered both front and back. The cuts at the rear create an outstanding grip.


Yuji Nishimoto signature darts
Length:40.0mm / Max Dia:7.0mm / Weight:17.5g
It seems simple ringed barrel on first glance, but it features truly balanced barrel with unique grips.

Fit Flight × Jeremiah Millar

The signature flights of Jeremiah Millar who is the Premium Cup Champion.

Fit Flight × Paula Murphy

The second signature flights of Paula Murphy who is one of the top American female players.

Fit Flight AIR × Shin Higashida

 The first signature flights of a Japanese player, Shin Higashida.

Fit Flight (AIR) × Juggler QUEEN/ STARS

  *Juggler QUEEN flights are limited in quantity. Please don’t miss your chance to get the one you like.

The above products are available for sale from January 24th, 2017.
Please click here for more details↓

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