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  • 2018.11.14

As always, we would like to start by thanking everyone for your continued support!
It’s time for us to announce our new great items which we will release on November 26, 2018!


A long-awaited new signature darts of Shunpei Noge who is one of the Japanese top players! 
Well thought-out outline of the dart and the right weight 19.0g will produce a great synergistic effect on your throwing.

Length: 41.0mm / Max Diameter: 7.4mm / Weight: 19.0g

Fit Flight AIR × Shunpei Noge 2

Second collaboration flights with Shunpei Noge.
A high-impact and colorful pit bull design will raise your fighting spirit!
Fit Flight AIR Standard and Fit Flight AIR Shape are available.

Fit Flight AIR × Tatsuya Zama

The first collaboration flights with Tatsuya Zama who is playing actively on PERFECT tour in Japan.
Dice is not only a motif of his flight design, but also the name of his signature darts. 
These will be available in Fit Flight AIR Standard and Shape.

Fit Flight × Tom Sawyer 2

Second collaboration flights with Tom Sawyer.
Fit Flight Shape and Super Slim are available. 

Fit Flight (AIR) × Juggler / Leaf 2

Popular and beautiful Leaf design is back!
Standard and Shape in both Fit Flight and Fit Flight AIR are available.
These flights are limited in quantity. Please don’t miss a chance to get them!

These items will be available for purchase on November 26th, 2018.

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