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  • 2020.03.13

We’re marching straight at you this March with these great new items!

Fit Flight (AIR) × Darius LABANAUSKAS

Darius “Lucky D” Labanauskas has made his name with back to back outstanding performances at the PDC’s World Championships! Grab yourself a bit of his luck with the flights he uses. Available in both Fit Flight and Fit Flight AIR Shape (Lucky D plays with Fit Flight AIR, if you’re curious).

Juggler QUEEN Music 3

Get your song on with our third round of Juggler QUEEN Music flights! Available in Fit Flight and Fit Flight AIR Standard and Shape!

Fit Point PLUS New Colors

For the first time in forever, we’ve added some colors to our ever popular Fit Point PLUS lineup.
The D-Blue and Purple match perfectly with the D-Blue and Purple Fit Flights

※D-Blue will replace the current Blue in the lineup. Blue will no longer be available once current stock is exhausted.


FRUITS OF THE LOOM × COSMO DARTS Long sleeve shirt|Box logo

New duds for the spring! Tile yourself in Cosmo Darts, or bring it home with a solid one point, which ever you choose, you’ll be styling!

These products will go on sale March 28th, so be sure to ask your local Cosmo dealer about their availability!

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