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  • 2021.09.16

We’re here with our September 2021 new products lineup!

GoldFinger 3

GoldFinger 3 Steel

Three years have passed since we put out Harith Lim’s popular Goldfinger 2 model and we’re back with the third in the line!
We’ve kept the same outline, but changed the milling and gave it a bit more weight.
By Harith’s request, we’ve kept the strong grip while increasing its stability!

Weight 17.0g(soft) / 20.5g(steel)
Max Dia 7.2mm
Length 42.0mm
Material 90% Tungsten
1 Set 3 × Barrels

Fit Flight AIR × Daisuke AKAMATSU 4

Our fourth model with Japanese star Daisuke Akamatsu!
Available in Fit Flight AIR Standard and Shape

Fit Flight (AIR) × Shin HIGASHIDA 2

Our second model with Fit Flight player Shin Higashida.
Available in Fit Flight and Fit Flight AIR Shape

Fit Flight (AIR) Printed Series|PIZZA

Pizza’s here!
For our 18th installment of our printed series line, we celebrate pizza! Who doesn’t like pizza?
Available in Fit Flight and Fit Flight AIR Standard and Shape

These will go on sale September 28th! Please ask your local Cosmo Darts dealer about their availability!

And if you are not already doing so, be sure to check out our social media for a chance to win Goldfinger 3 and special limited prints of Pizza!

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