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  • 2021.11.16

It’s time for New Cosmo Products! Yay! Fresh off earning his way into the PDC’s World Championship, this month we’ve got Royden, Royden, and MORE ROYDEN! And SMILE! We have some Haze for you, too!

Fit Flight × Royden Lam 4

Aouuuuuu-r fourth design with Royden Lam!
Available in Fit Flight Shape and Super Kite!

Fit Flight AIR × Royden Lam 4 -Limited Edition-

Making it special! Limited Edition!
Both the Shape and Super Kite will have a limited Fit Flight AIR run with unique colors on the Shape!
Available in Fit Flight AIR Shape and Super Kite

Royden Lam 4 -Limited Edition Combo Set

What’s that you want it even more cooler and special-er? Done! The limited flights in a Limited Fit Holder with three different quotes from the man himself on them!
Fit Flight AIR Shape or Super Kite + Fit Holder!

Fit Flight (AIR) × Haze Leung 3

Smile! Our third models with Hong Kong star, Haze Leung! Haze played a big part in designing this flight. He collected tons of smiles from fans on his Facebook page to incorporate into the design.
Available in Fit Flight and Fit Flight AIR Shape.

These will all be hitting store shelves starting November 29, 2021! Be sure to ask you local distributor about their availability!

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