Christmas Special 2019

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  • 2019.09.27

Hello to all the darters out there!

For the first time ever, we at Cosmo Darts are putting together a limited Christmas Gift Set for you to give to your dart-loving friend or loved one. To show our appreciation for all of your support, we thought we’d give you all a sneak peek!

Christmas Flights 2019

First up will be our 2019 Christmas Flights. These beautifully designed flights will show your Christmas cheer as you light up the dartboard with 180’s like it’s the family Christmas Tree!

These flights will be made to order for our distributors. Be sure to contact your local Cosmo Darts distributor and let them know how many sets you want immediately so you don’t miss out!

Christmas Set 2019

Next up is a true sneak peek up a yet unreleased item! Next month we will be releasing an all new case, Case X. More details about the case are forthcoming, but here is the first public image ever! This will be the only printed version at release.

Along with the new Case X, this set will have the Christmas Flights 2019, red Christmas shafts, and an exclusive collector’s ID Tag. Each set will contain a uniquely numbered ID tag that can double as a tightener for your Fit Point Plus tips.
Only 300 of these sets will be made! As quantities are extremely limited, please let your Cosmo Darts distributor know that you want as soon as you can so they can get an order in for you!

Orders for these items can be placed by distributors from October 1st, 2019 to the 7th only! Distributors will have them for sale in mid-November.

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